Wednesday, April 1, 2015

And All That Jazz

I figured what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day then going to see Chicago. A musical about women who murder their husbands. Cause when your single you don't want to celebrate this day by watching a sappy love story right?   I'm so glad Anne came with me to the show and we were able to catch up over lunch. 

Thateveningbibwent to the Lonely Hearts Film Festival which is a movie contest by the LDS singles in the DC area. People make short videos and there is an awards ceremony afterwards like the oscars (no really, they win Oscar like statues). I have to say even though I was single I felt hot in my new red dress. This year I was able to be single and happy on Valentine's Day and I may have even bought myself my own roses this year because who says flowers have to one from a significant other?

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