Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chillin with the Chill

It wouldn't be a family gathering without going to a hockey game. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Wild Lights

We went wild walking around the zoo enjoying the lights. Family time is fun wherever you are.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jersey Boys

Seriously a fun filled show with all the of your favorite Frankie Valli songs. This show is a musical, biographical tribute to 4 boys from New Jersey trying to make it in the world of music. It is literally filled with New Jersey appeal with authentic profanity, mob dealings, and the meaning of family. While I could of done with a little less profanity, the show itself made you want to sing and dance along. The male case was really good. They did an excellent job casting guys who actually looked like the original Four Seasons. Another fun night at the theater accomplished.

Anything Goes

When going off to see Anything Goes. At least that's what this delightful revival says. Rachel York has an amazing voice when singing classic songs like 'Anything Goes', 'Friendship', 'Your the Top', and 'The Gypsy in Me'.
It's good to see classic Broadway theater coming back and doing so well. This show makes me want to take a cruise on the open seas.  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Air and Space

 In all the years I have been in Virginia, I had never made it out to the Udvar Hazzey Museum. Thank you to Lynn for helping me reconcile this lack of cultural experience in my life. I think my favorite part of the exhibit was seeing the space shuttle Discovery. I remember when this thing took a ride on the back of a plane and flew over my office. In looking at the shuttle it looks like a big patchwork quilt the way the panels cover the craft. Very old and fragile looking. Its hard to believe that this thing actually was in space.
I just thought this was a cool plane. Not sure what it is but looks like something from X-Men.  


Fall, I love the fall. I love the autumn leaves, smells, weather, and tastes. There is so much good food to be eaten in the fall. Fall is a time to make great soups. I also love spending time with my friends. Put all of those things together and what do you have? A great party theme. I've always wanted to do an Oktoberfest. Why should people who drink have all the fun right? I made three fall inspired soups: Pumpkin (thanks to the fabulous Diana Smith for the recipe), a Tomato salsa soup, and my favorite Cheddar Broccoli soup (you know I love you very much when I am willing to share this soup).
But what Oktoberfest would be complete without Rootbeer? I drove all over town to find as many different varieties of RootBeer I could find. The Australia Beer was interesting to say the least. I'm not sure which one was the favorite of the group. Next year we will have to do take a poll as I think this will need to become an annual event.
Thanks to all who came to the party and for the tasty treats you brought to share as well. Happy Fall! 


I went to two incredibly amazing shows at the Kennedy Center this passed month. Both were guest performers accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra. I absolutely love hearing fabulous voices accompanied by a full Amazing orchestra. It is sweet music to my ears.

The first show was to hear Matthew Morrison affectionately known as Will on Glee. This guy loves to show off his dance moves when he performs and has good vibrations. He sang many classic Broadway hit songs that have inspired him through his life. My favorite was his West Side Story Medley. This was my friend Melinda Keefe's first time going to a show at the Kennedy Center and I'm glad I was able to be apart of her first experience here.

The second show was I think my favorite show this year. It was also my favorite Christmas show I have ever attended. My roommate Annalisa inspired me to join her for an evening with Brian Stokes Mitchell. I had only heard him sing Through Heaven's Eyes from the Prince of Egypt which is a great song so I figured why not go. I'm so glad I did because it really was a show full of magic. Brian Stokes Mitchell has one of the sexiest baritone voices your ears will ever encounter. He is a very animated performer when he sings. I loved his rendition of The Grinch and the Beasts Carol. This was the show of shows to get you in the Christmas Spirit. I can still feel the joy and magic of this show. I especially loved the sing along at the end where the entire audience was singing Christmas carols about Christ. It made me all warm inside to sing out loud in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall.

I'm so grateful for great musical talents in this world.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A soldiers rest

I love going to Arlington cemetery every year during the Christmas season. It is an amazing and humbling site to behold.  Stones lined up in regimental line marking the resting place of a soldier who fought for our countries freedom.

This year I had a mission to make sure I went to visit the Mihalo's sons grave a lay a wreath for his mother.  I never knew Andrew but I loved his parents who I knew very well in the ward growing up. He was tragically killed last year while serving in the special forces.  I cannot imagine what it is like to lose a son but knowing that his parents live so far away I wanted to do something for them.

I am so grateful to men, women, and the families of those who serve our country and am so glad that I can visit Arlington Cemetery to remind me of the great gifts of life that are given by our service men.