Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer Movies

This summer a couple of friends and I initiated Tuesday Half Price Movie nights out in Reston. It's nice when you can go to a movie for $6 as opposed to $12. It's even more fun when you can go with friends.

Here is the list of the summer movies we saw this summer and my humble opinion of each.
1. The Amazing Spiderman 2,  was good but I wasn't thrilled by the story.
2. X-Men Days of Future Past, another hit for Jennifer Lawrence. The action was just right and it was great to see some of the old characters again.
3. The Fault In Our Stars, bring on the tissues. This movie was a hit! It kept everything in the book and was so sweet. Makes you appreciate the trials you have in your life and grateful for all you have. No matter how bleak your life looks a positive attitude will get you through anything. Friends that believe in you help a lot too.
4. The Giver, this is one time I will say the movie was better than the book. I really liked what they added to the movie to help enhance the story and make it more personable to you. Very well done here and a great way to teach how wonderful it is for us to have the agency to choose for ourselves.
5. If I Stay, not necessarily great but wasn't terrible either. I think this would have been better staying as a book. It does give you the thought that you should live for what you love and not because of what other people say.
6. Guardians of the Galaxy, hands down fun and action packed. I didn't fully understand the whole back stories of the characters but that's because I have read the comics. Still, it was a fun movie to watch and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done Marvel.
7. Maleficent, probably my favorite Angelina Jolie movie. She did a great job of portraying a woman scorned by her love but learning to love a child. I wasn't that impressed with the true loves kiss in this movie only because it was pretty similar to the ending of Frozen. Too soon for me but it was a good movie. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Madame Tussauds

If you ever want to feel famous for a couple of hours check out madame tussauds. There you can hang with all your famous friends having a great time. Just beware of touching their faces, hands, and hair.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

To Gettysburg We Go

I love going back to Gettysburg as often as I can. Its such a remarkable place of love, sacrifice, patriotism, honor, and hope. Driving around the battlefield and see all the historical markers that have been placed in honor of those brave men who fought for something they believed in is such a humbling experience. Its hard to imagine that so much horror could have happened 151 years ago in such a beautiful place today. I am always very grateful to our soldiers who fought to save our country and ensure freedom for all.

Kimber, Kayla, Kami and I (we called ourselves the K Klan) had a great time exploring the rich history of this beautiful place.


Are we there yet? Was the question I heard from the backseat of the car as I drove toward Philadelphia, PA. Emily, Carlos, Kimber, Kami and I piled into my car and headed toward the land of cheese steaks,Rocky and bells. We had a grand time eating our Philly Cheese steaks from the top of the steps where Rocky was filmed. When we were dome eating, we raced up the steps and jumped around just like Rocky. It was so much fun and tiring.

Then we headed into the historical area of the city to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross Home, Elfredge Alley, Benjamin Franklin Square and Christ Church.  We had a good time walking around and seeing the sites. I really enjoyed getting to know Emily and Kimber better and I'm really glad I could help Kami get a few more stamps in her National Park passport. 

Such a beautiful day! Thanks Philadelphia for being the city of brotherly love.