Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Snow Day

Well it's no surprise that this past winter has been crazy when it comes to the weather. We had a few days of nice weather warmer weather and then I think Jack Frost somehow got out of his cage. Someone forgot to tell him his time is up and Mother Nature needed to move on her the next season. At the beginning of March we had 8 inches of snow dump on us very quickly. I woke up that morning and there was nothing on the ground. I proceeded to get ready for work and when I was about ready to leave 45 minutes later there was already an inch of snow on the ground! Frosty didn't waste any time. There was 8 inches of snow on the ground when I went out for a walk after working from home 8 hours. Crazy!!! But the kids outside loved making snowmen one last time. I had a little bit of fun with my roommates cars as well ⛄️

Baby's Coming

I decided that my sisters baby shower was an event I could not miss. I flew home for the weekend to attend my sisters baby shower. I am so excited to be an aunt again and for my sister to start this next phase in her life. She is such a cute pregnant mommy. 

I had way to much fun shopping for baby clothes for him. I bought a little kimono when I was in Japan for him to wear. And a couple (ok several) fun indies for him including one that says "I ❤️ (inside the heart says amazing, gorgeous, funny) aunt *contact info upon request". I mean why shouldn't the little guy help out in finding me a man? I had also bought Kayla a diaper bag when I was in Taiwan that is waterproof that has all kinds of cute animals on it. She got so many cute clothes this kid will be a well dressed young man. It was a short trip back but I'm so glad I did it. We can't let distance stop us from making memories with our family. 

And All That Jazz

I figured what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day then going to see Chicago. A musical about women who murder their husbands. Cause when your single you don't want to celebrate this day by watching a sappy love story right?   I'm so glad Anne came with me to the show and we were able to catch up over lunch. 

Thateveningbibwent to the Lonely Hearts Film Festival which is a movie contest by the LDS singles in the DC area. People make short videos and there is an awards ceremony afterwards like the oscars (no really, they win Oscar like statues). I have to say even though I was single I felt hot in my new red dress. This year I was able to be single and happy on Valentine's Day and I may have even bought myself my own roses this year because who says flowers have to one from a significant other?

Do you hear the people sing Lea Salonga?

I have loved the voice of Eponine played by Lea Salonga in the 10th anniversary Les Miserable concert since I was a little girl. I grew up listening to that version all the time.its probably why Les Miserable is one of my top five favorite musicals ( don't ask what the other four are, I couldn't narrow it down that far). So when a tribute concert to Mitchell and Schumberg with the symphony orchestra in DC featuring Lea Salonga I had to attend. I was not disappointed. Hearing her sing On My Own love with a full symphony is enough to send chills up your spine. There were other musical tributes as well: Miss Saigon, the Pirate Queen, and Les Revolution. But my favorite was Les Miserable. They did so many of my favorite songs including I Dreamer A Dream, Stars, Master of the House and In My Life/A Heart Full of Love. So amazing! It was fun to have the actual writers in attendance as well.