Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Salute to the Troops

What started as an event to go to with mom one year has since turned into a yearly tradition. Every year over memorial weekend I go to wolftrap to see the President's Own Marine Corp band perform fun medley's and pay tribute to men and women of the armed services. I love this yearly tradition because it keeps the spirit of the holiday in check while providing amazingly talented music. This year they did a wonderful job with the Music Man Medley. And of course the national hymn and the Overtureof 1812 is always so moving and inspiring. It makes you feel proud to be an American when you music like that.  

A big thank you to all the men and women of the armed services who serve our country.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Beauty and the Beast

By now we have established that I love musical theater so it should be no surprise to anyone that I would not want to miss the only Broadway show performing at Wolf Trap this summer, Beauty and the Beast. Especially if tickets are only going to cost me $13. That's a steal of a deal for a show!
When I found out my roommate AnnaLisa had never seen the show live it became most important to make sure that this be rectified right away. I also believe in helping others appreciate the arts so I invited my favorite little princess, Lea, and her mom, my friend Nada to join us. Lea sat on my lap the whole show and was so into the show she didn't move. Later I found out that she told her mom she wanted to see it again. She loved it! While I have become something of a theater snob of late when it comes to seating and voices (there is nothing like an original case and a close seat to really make a show), I did enjoy seeing a favorite childhood show come to life. Disney did a great job of adapting this animated story to the stage. The set is truly spectacular and the additional songs are just as memorable as the ones from the movie. 

Truly a tale as old as time.