Thursday, January 24, 2013

What 2012 taught me

So the year 2012 was a long one full of many ups and downs. I was able to grow a lot in my career and doors opened for me that I never thought were doors I wanted to enter. My position started as a part time PMO support and part time BA support. I was only supposed to be supporting the other BAs with the project. By the end of the year I became the senior BA on the project with the other BAs looking to me for help and guidance. I received a meager pay increase part way through the year but I'm hoping that I will get another raise during the upcomingn reviews.

I know that my success with my job was not all due to my efforts. The Lord truly blessed during the year. I was able to make hard deadlines on time. I was able to pick up on the project work and understand what was needed very quickly. I established a great working relationship with the client who now looks to me as the SME on the project. Basically I learned that with the Lords help you can climb those hard mountains and reach the top. I don't fully understand why the Lord was so gracious with his blessings but he truly was with me. Even though work was rough and there were many times when I wanted to quit I'm so glad that I had the Lords help to get through it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Do You Hear the People Sing?

They are singing Happy Birthday to Me! Ok so I know I'm a little obsessed, but I really do love Les Miserable and it was just too perfect to be able to spend my birthday with a Les Miserable theme to along with the new movie that came out. My dearest friend Diana Smith helped to coordinate the party and she made almost all of the food. It was a fabulous French feast for a brunch. There was quich loraine, savory and sweet crepes, beignets, potatos, salad and sparkling cider. She even made me a barricade red velvet cake. It was fabulous!

I had a great time displaying all my french memorabilia and Les Miserable merchandise. I didn't realize I had so much. Groupie?
I can't tell you what I wished for. I didn't want to make the same wish this year as I have in the past. But I really hope that with the Lords help I can make it happen this year.
Thank you so much to my dear friends who helped me to celebrate another year older. You are all the best and I feel so completely blessed to have so many friends in my life. I know that the Lords has blessed me in so many ways. I may be singing On My Own when it comes to my love life but I don't have to sing Empty Chairs and Empty Tables anytime soon.

And how was the Les Miserable movie you may ask? Absolutely wonderful! Great job Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Eddie Redmayne and the rest of the cast. I loved every minute of that musical journey of life, love, sacrifice, forgiveness, friendship, and dreams.