Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Take Me Back to Harpers Ferry

I love going back to Harpers Ferry. Ever since I was an intern here 6 years ago I have always loved coming to explore this beautiful area where the rivers combine and you can look into 3 states. This trip was to visit was intended to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Harpers Ferry.
Beautiful view of the rivers from the old cemetery where Mr. Harper and his family are buried.
I'm saddened when I see tombstones half buried like this. The people who are buried here seem almost forgotten. In a few years there may be no memory of them at all.
When Thomas Jefferson came to Harpers Ferry he stood up on this hill overlooking the valley and claimed it was a magnificent view worth a trip across the Atlantic Ocean. I have to agree with Mr. Jefferson.
I love bridges. Need I say more?

There was a cute childrens section set up where you could take old historic pictures.

I'm standing in West Virginia looking to my left at Maryland and the right into Virginia. The Shenandoah River connects to the Potomac River which flows towards Washington DC. This is critical to the armies during the Civil War.