Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dear Evan Hansen

I love living in DC and all the great venues there are to enjoy live theater. DC is also great because there are many shows that premiere here in DC before they head to Broadway. I have thoroughly enjoyed being apart of those beginning audiences. 

Tonight I went to see a new musical called Dear Evan Hansen. It was amazing! Very moving and applicable to today's world of social media and trying to fit in when you feel so alone. The messages in the show were very moving. When tragedy happens everyone wants to be apart of the buzz and connect to it. This is true of many events, celebrity weddings, natural disasters, racial attacks, political agendas, etc. Woth today's social media everyone wants to have something to say and a connection. This helps them to feel apart of something. For those who normally feel alone, rejected, unnoticed in this world , social media gives them a way to feel like they belong. 

Budapest and Prague Food

I recently went to Budapest and Prague for vacation. One of the many things I was looking forward to was the food. I love to eat and knew that the food was going to be fabulous. Here is a look at some of the many treats I enjoyed in these beautiful countries. 
Cafe Louvre in Prauge had an amazing dinner of duck, red cabbage and dumplings. Finished the meal off with chocolate cake, cheesecake with peaches and raspberry crumble. 

Chimney bread filled with Nutella, strawberries and ice cream. The bread was covered with cinnamon and sugar. 

A hotdog baguette. They taste so much better stupider in a baguette.

 Hot potato. They spiraling a potato and spread it out on a stick before frying it and adding salt for taste. It literally is like eating fresh potato chips.

Grandpas rolls. It was little pig pastries with whipped cream and powder sugar on top.

Stuffed cabbage. It was amazing! 

This is a cans bar that is local to Hungary that every Hungarian misses when they leave. It's like a cottage cheese/ cream cheese bar with chocolate. Some have other favors stuffed inside as well.

Nutella pizza. Nothing more to say about it. 

Gelato flowers. I tried it with mango, white chocolate lavender and chocolate.

Goulash soup. 

Langos. Fluffy bread with sour cream cucumbers, peppers, pepperoni, goat cheese, jalapeƱos.