Friday, September 13, 2013

Kayla and Sam come to Washington

I was so happy to have my sister Kayla and her husband Sam come visit me for their 1 year anniversary vacation here in DC.

There first day in town we headed to Manassas for Sam's first tour of a Civil War Battlefield.

The second day we headed downtown after church for a picnic on the Potomac and a walking tour of the monuments provided by yours truly. We didn't let the rain stop us from having a good time.
The next couple of days they toured around downtown on their own while I worked (no rest for the working class).
For the 4th of July we decided to head up to Gettysburg to participate in the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. It was a grand experience. We found the grave of an ancestor who fought and died on the first day of battle. He is buried in the cemetery there. Thank you for giving the last full measure of your life to the cause of freedom dear uncle.  
The next day I took off from work and we headed to Ocean City, Maryland for a nice relaxing day at the beach. We all took a nap on the beach and enjoyed the oceans waves even though it was freezing cold water, the beach was wonderful to nap on.
So sad that the good times had to end but it was wonderful to spend a week with my sister again in DC. Until next time sister! 


Everyone loves a good pun. This cake was so much fun to make for a summer picnic. Its all good