Thursday, January 24, 2013

What 2012 taught me

So the year 2012 was a long one full of many ups and downs. I was able to grow a lot in my career and doors opened for me that I never thought were doors I wanted to enter. My position started as a part time PMO support and part time BA support. I was only supposed to be supporting the other BAs with the project. By the end of the year I became the senior BA on the project with the other BAs looking to me for help and guidance. I received a meager pay increase part way through the year but I'm hoping that I will get another raise during the upcomingn reviews.

I know that my success with my job was not all due to my efforts. The Lord truly blessed during the year. I was able to make hard deadlines on time. I was able to pick up on the project work and understand what was needed very quickly. I established a great working relationship with the client who now looks to me as the SME on the project. Basically I learned that with the Lords help you can climb those hard mountains and reach the top. I don't fully understand why the Lord was so gracious with his blessings but he truly was with me. Even though work was rough and there were many times when I wanted to quit I'm so glad that I had the Lords help to get through it.

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