Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ireland Day 2

This morning we took off to head towards Clare County. On the way we stopped by a random castle with I swear a leprechaun outside! Ok maybe he was just a local with really red hair but he was creepy looking just the same.

We also stopped at the small town of Rosecrea to see the castle and church there. It was beautiful. The whole town was like a ghosttown. There was hardly anyone around and everything was closed because it was Sunday. I appreciate that they kept the sabbath day by not opening up their stores.

We also found a town along the way whose claim to fame was that Obama's family line came from there. We of course had to pull off the side of the road and see the home. There were American flags flying all over the town. I guess it's also part of my family line too since we are related.

We then passed through Limerick where we walked around King John's Castle, the river banks passing by several beautiful churches. 

We found the Bunratty Castle and toured the castle and grounds there. They turned the castle and grounds into their own little Williamsburg almost. People were dressed up to fit the times. There was a house that some brothers lived in who became known for the HB ice cream that is still found all over the country.  I was very interested in a sign that said Horizontal/Vertical Mill. How can a mill be both? Well it wasn't one but two mills. We also found a really cute school house that was divided by boys and girls. The girls were educated in one room and the boys in another. I don't think thats equality. We explored the area until there was nothing more to see.

After exploring the castle we decided to head north to drive through the Burren National Park. It was so pretty. There were some roads that I'm not sure how we made it in our car but we did. I always thought that people where joking when they talk about how narrow the roads are in Ireland. Nope, They are not joking. I think at one point I could have laid down across the road and touched one side of the road to the other. Crazy and that was a two lane road too!

That evening after heading back closer to our hotel I finally got brave enough to drive the car. Now I know how to drive but driving on the left is very different. I had to really concentrate and I freaked out just a little when I had to pass a car. I stayed in my lane though which was the left side of the road. It was a little nerve racking but I was proud of myself for finally doing it. By the end of the trip I was a pro at it.

So ready for a good nights rest and another adventure tomorrow.

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