Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Medieval Times

I finally made it to a Renaissance Festival. This weekend I went with my good friends Lynn and Jessica to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. It was a lot of fun. People dressed in costumes all over the place. The theme this year was a wedding of the kings daughter.

We went to see the sword swallower. Oh my gosh that was so gross. I have no idea how he can have so much control of your throat muscles to be able to put something 2 feet long down your esophagus.

We then went and watched an archery tournament where we learned all about how they would compete like Robin Hood.

Then we went to see a jousting tournament. That looks really hard and I'm glad that I don't ever have to do something like that. I don't think that the armor they wear really helps them from getting hurt all that much. Go Knights Tale!

When then went to hear the Rogue's perform who are a pretty well known Celtic group that sound amazing. Doug, the guy playing the bagpipes looks super cute and the kilt really helps too. No ring either :)

Oh Hamlet! We went to watch Shakespeare's Scum who were able to perform Hamlet in under 20 minutes. It was pretty amazing and quite funny.

Only Lynn could get me to wear a sign that says my crime is Bawd. I was told to look expensive in here.

So I at my way through the festival. No lie. I ate chocolate dipped cheesecake, a croissant sundae, fried macaroni and cheese, the huntsman baked potato (which had turkey, cheese and butter on top), a dreamsickle smoothie, suicide chocolate cake. Am I forgetting something? And the thing is there was so much more I could have eaten. I felt like I could have been a Gilmore Girl at this festival. So good.

Thanks Lynn and Jessica for coming with me this week for my first Renn Festival experience. It was a great time and I had a blast.

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