Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beautiful Day

Today was a gorgeous day. I love that fall is starting to peak its head in because the weather is absolutely amazing! Megan Arnett and I couldn't stand being inside today so we made our way to the C&O Canal to walk along the Potomac River. The Great Falls are beautiful from this side of the river and it was a perfect day to go for a little nature walk.

We now have a spot that we call our spot along the trail. When we come here together we like to sit here on this ledge and talk. We have kind of deemed it our spot.

 While we were sitting there on this side of the river we were watching these two hikers trying to scale right along the river bed the wall. We could the trail they were headed towards and knew what they were getting themselves into. At certain points we were saying they need to go up higher or lower. We compared us in a way being to leaders or God looking down and seeing us in our lives and the paths we are going. He wants to yell down at us and tell us how to get back and warn us of danger. Instead, He allows us to try it on our own so we can make our own decisions. When we need to get direction from Him there are ways for us to hear Him. Kind of an interesting thought. 

I love spending time with Megan. We have such a good time together and I love our Sunday strolls.  
Megans favorite thing to do is take the Mormon Pose Picture.

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