Sunday, August 26, 2012

This Diva Needs Her Stage

This summer I went to see two amazing diva's perform on stage. Not only are these two women amazing Diva's but they once performed on stage together. And now that I have seen them perform I feel that my summer is wickedly complete. If you haven't guessed by now I'm talking about Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel.

I started the summer off being serenaded by the ever spunky Kristen Chenoweth. She performed in Constitution Hall at the DAR. We were drawn into the world of Kristen when she sang about her shoes and about her love of Dolly Parton (WWDD, What Would Dolly Do). She delighted us with classic songs, Wishing You Were Here Again from Phantom of the Opera, Bring Him Home from Les Miserable, which I have never heard a woman sing before and I was absolutely breath taken. And of course she did her classic performance of Popular and For Good from Wicked.

Idina Menzel is one of those divas that can do whatever she wants to. To put it in her own words, you can put her in a pretty dress, in a beautiful theater, with a live orchestra but when it comes to putting on 4 inch heals to perform *&^% it, she's going barefoot with the symphony. Idina delighted the audience with her own version of Defying Gravity, For Good, and The Wizard and I. Along with other classics from her own broadway past with Rent singing No Day But Today and Take Me for What I Am. She also performed a few new songs that I hope will be released in an upcoming album soon.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing both of these amazing divas this summer. They brought so much happiness to my life and have inspired me with the lyrics in so many ways.

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