Tuesday, August 14, 2012

IPM Team Outing

Last Friday, my work team went out for a team outing to play mini golf at the National Building Museum. Architects built a mini golf course based off of buildings, bridges, landscapes and sights in the DC area that were quite fun. One of the holes was designed to look like the inside of a technical device. Somehow I hit the ball where it went underneath one of the ramps. The only way I could get it out was to lie on the floor. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the camera memory sake) my coworkers found me. It has been a good office laugh of late.

There was also a cute little hole that was set up as a tea party. Team Tea Party.
After mini golf we went to happy hour at a cute little poche bar around the corner. It's really interesting how people react when they find out you don't drink. Its even more interesting when they assume that because you don't drink you have never gone out to a bar before or been around people drinking. Lets just say this, to work in the corporate world you have to learn to go out to happy hours and be around people who drink. I have also been in social environments where I had to take care of someone who has gotten too tipsy. So don't assume that I'm completely innocent or can't understand what alcohol can or can't do I think I know a little more than you think I do. Don't look so shocked if someone who is tipsy says "you can't get drunk on a full bottle of wine" I have been around an entire group of people who each drank their own bottle of wine and believe me they were plenty tipsy. And for the record. I don't drink not because my religion tells me not to but because I choose not to.

It was a fun outing but having not been drinking I was still able to maintain professionalism in front of my boss and her boss. And I could still drive home afterward. Plus I got a few cute outfits shopping with the girls later that night.

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