Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Holi

Holi or Festival of Colors, is a Hindu festival that helps to celebrate the beginning of a new season. Spring! It is also a day used to celebrate many Hindu religious myths and legends. The bright colors help to reflect the coming of the spring colors to a world that has been dead as new life is restored to the world. Friends and family gather together to throw colored powder on each other turning each person into a canvas of colorful art.
I was so happy to have found a place in the DC area where I could participate in this festival with some of my friends. The energy at the festival was very friendly and fun. There was a lot of respect for the festival iteself and towards each other. Everyone there became each others friend as they spread color on your face saying, "happy Holi." All personal bubbles were burst at this festival. My favorite part was a man who would grab other men in headlocks and bring them over to large groups to get colored. He loved bringing men to our group of ladies. Nothing says hello like a colored powder rubbing all over your face.
There was dancing and chanting of Hare Krishna going on in the background as people were celebrating this festival. There were meditation tents set up where you could learn how to meditate. They also had food stations with some really good vegan food. My favorite was the  cauliflower that was fried in some kind of batter with a red sauce dip. Yum!

We spent over 2 hours at the festival changing colors several times. When we were sufficiently colored and the bonfire (burning of the witch, which I can't find information on at this time) was complete. We all decided to go to Cafe Rio for a late lunch. We had many people stop and stare at us. Some of the servers said they liked our makeup. (yes this is how I get ready every morning).

I think the funniest part happened on the car ride home when I looked over to my right and waved to a guy who was laughing at us and trying to take a picture of us on his iphone while we were still driving. I just smiled and waved. Would have given him my phone number too as he was kind of cute but alas hard to do when your driving.
All in all a very fun event. Good times getting colored with my friends. Celebrating the coming of spring on a beautiful sunny day. Cafe Rio for lunch. And great pictures to remember them by. Happy Holi!

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