Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Magic Kingdom Day 4

This is it. Today is the day where all my childhood dreams come true. Today I get to see Cinderalla's castle. I'm so excited. We left our hotel bright and early so that we would be there when the gates opened. And its'a  good thing too. We arrived to a gate with some character entertainment and watched the train arrival carrying our favorite Disney characters including all the princesses, Mickey, Minnie and so many others. I was so full of giddiness inside.

We made our way inside and immediately made our way to meet the Disney Princesses Belle, Cinderella and Aurora. Oh how I want Cinderella's dress. Could be a great design for a wedding dress don't you think?

After meeting the princesses we went over to meet our favorite wooden puppet Pinnochio. He is so fun. Such a cute little puppet. I always think of the Adventures of Pinnochio with Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Pinnochio. Huge crush on him growing up.

As we made our way up the main street, looking in all the fabulous window displays, my jaw dropped when I saw the castle. It seemed to be calling out to the little girl within me saying ,"Welcome home princess Kara." I was so giddy inside. My heart was all a flutter. And there was the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey too.
We walked through the castel gates and found several fun rides. We journeye with Snow White as she sang by her wishing well, escaped the Queen into the forest, found refuge with the 7 dwarfs and their diamond mine, the old hag that fed her the poison apple, the prince who found her and woke her up to live happily ever after. (I want to wake up by a kiss). 

Then Mickey took us on a musical adventure with his Philaharmonic 3D movie presentation. Gotta love how Donald just wants to do what Mickey can. I guess this is a lesson in not being envious of what others have. It can get you into some magical, mischievious trouble. 

Then we boarded our own Jolley Roger as we flew over the city of London to follow Peter Pan to Neverland over Mermaid Cove, the indian settlement with Tiger Lilly, helped to rescue Wendy, Michael, John and the Lost boys from Captain Hook. And the crocodile was sure trying to get his teeth into Captain Hook. Hurry and help him Smee. 

It's a Small World was a fun little boat ride around the world to the various countries and cultures of the world.  I had never understood this song as being part of Disney until I rode this ride. Now I know that there is a ride, that it is filled with fun colors, and dancing dolls, and flowers, and even a room that feels like its glowing because it's all glowing white, gold and silver.

We rode the iconic Alice in Wonderland teacups and even got to meet the White Rabbit who for once was not late as I was his very important date. 

The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh was such a fun adventure ride. Piglet almost got blown away on that very blustery day and the heffalumps and woozles were dancing in pooh dreams as the rain came down. Sweet hunny was everywhere. I loved watching Winnie the Pooh growing up and this ride brought back all of those memories of watching these classic tales.   

We made our way over to Frontierland where we saw the Liberty Bell and tree, a great robotic/video presentation about the presidents of the United States that ended with all of the presidents on stage introducing themselves in order from George Washington to our current president.

We made our way over to Adventureland where we we experienced the great adventure of Captain Jack Sparrow on the Pirate's of the Carribean ride. We then actually got to see Jack Sparrow in his outdoor show where he was teaching the audience how to be a pirate.

Time to experience a whole new world with Aladdin and Jasmine who are just a riot. They were telling jokes to each other making us all laugh. What do you call a penguin in the desert? Lost. LOL! And Aladdin was really cute. After meeting them I went for a ride on a magic carpet soaring high above the park.

There was a show on the steps of the castle where Mickey, Minnie and Goofy were teaching Donald to believe in magic. As other characters including the prince and princesses, Peter Pan and Wendy, and the Evil Queen Malifscent eventually teach Donald to believe in magic which allows them to overcome the bad guys and bring fireworks at the end. How cute.

Ok, my dad told me not to kiss any frogs. But he isn't a frog anymore. He's a prince, and he kissed me. Let me explain. We went to meet the Princess and the Frog characters and there were a couple of high school boys in front of us in line wanting to take pics with just the princess. The prince played it up of not watching what they were doing with his princess. So when it was my turn to go up for pics I asked if it was my turn to just take a pic with the prince. He loved it! Totally played it up of take that princess. Then he got down on his knees and proceeded to kiss my hands. Ah!!!!! If only I could take him home. When we were done we allowed the princess to come and join us and I told her that I was born in New Orleans. She was so thrilled that I was born there and told me to come and visit them there again soon.

We made our way over to Frontierland to see where Briar Rabbit lived. His typhoon ride was really cute through the trees and briars to the top of the mountain before plunging down the waterfall. Zippidy Doo Da. What a wonderful day.

The firework show that night was spectacular. TinkerBell actually lights up the castel before flying away. They reflect pictures that have been taken throughout the park on the castle and change it to so many different colors and patterns. It was breathtaking. The fireworks were amazing. We had such a great view from the main street of the castel with the fireworks lighting up behind it. Truly magical.

We made our way over the Tomorrowland where we went to infinitiy and beyond with Buzz Light year. Then we found the Stitch who had escaped the experimentation lab and was running all around us. Mike Wezkowsky had us laughing on the laugh floor with all of his jokes collecting our laughter to light up the Monster World. Space Mountain was pretty cool. It's an indoor roller coaster that has you feeling like you were traveling through the galaxy amongst the stars. And you know I have a need for speed so driving the race cars around the track was right up my alley.

We continued to venture around the park until 1:00am when the park closed. We did everything we could with not much left undone. It was truly a dream come true walking around this park and experiencing some of Walt Disney's iconic dreams.  

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  1. um... you're right about how handsome that prince was. Love that he kissed you!