Monday, February 27, 2012

Epcot Day 2 continued

Thank goodness the rain stopped as soon as the bus pulled up to the gates of Epcot. Not even the weather was going to stop this girl. We made our way inside the gates of Epcot. I can't believe it's only day 2 and already I'm seeing my third park here in Disney World. And this park has one of the most iconic Disney world attractions, Spaceship Earth. The ride that looks like a ginormous golf ball. I was so excited to see this iconic ride.

Once we grabbed the park map and schedule we headed over to the Finding Nemo Adventure ride which was this cute ride that had you sitting in clam shells (I know I'm a pearl). The ride would take you through several aquariums with real fish and coral and our favorite friends from Finding Nemo. They digitally screened them into the tanks which made it even more exciting to follow them along on this adventure. 

Next, we headed over to Turtle Talk with Crush the turtle from the movie. This was so cool. Crush would teach us how to talk like a turtle and would answer the audience questions about turtles. So cool. They passed around a microphone and Crush would talk to the kids. I was truly amazed at how this was done. Dude.
Do you hear that? That's the sound of engines revving up for a fast ride. Time to hit the tracks, Test Tracks that is. A ride sponsored by GM motors and is one of the fastest rides here at Disney. Here we are put in cars that take us through the testing process of all GM vehicles. We are testing for turning, brakes, terrain, climate control and speed! This was a fun ride. My car got up to 60 around the tracks. Yes I do that in my car but most coasters don't get that high so this was pretty fast. We did this ride a couple of times throughout the day because it was so much fun.

After pushing the limits here on earth, it was time to take our explorations to a new frontier. Time to visit Mars. That's right. Time to blast off into Outer Space. This was a crazy ride. There were two different ways to experience this ride normal or extreme. We went for the extreme ride. They keep giving all kinds of warnings about this ride. And once I got in I knew why. They first take us through training where we are giving different roles to play on the space ship. Then we board the aircraft. They warn you not to move your head left or right as this will disorient you. And there are barf bags hanging in between each seat in case you need one. Seriously? Once I'm strapped in and we are set to go, the door closes and the screen in front of you starts to turn so that it looks like you are seeing the tip of the space craft and the sky. But not only do you see it, you feel it. The launch commences and as you begin to see the sky changing as you are taking off, your stomach is also feeling the impact of blasting off to space. Then when you hit space you can actually feel that 0 gravity feeling down in the pit of your stomach. Crazy! We then proceed to loop around the moon and make our way through asteroids before we come in for a rough landing on the surface of Mars. Wow! They weren't kidding on this ride when they said it was pretty extreme. We never left our seats but your body felt like it had just been through space. This ride is out of this world Amazing! 

 Back on earth it was time to make our way around the world. We trekked through countries like Mexico, Norway, Japan, Moroco, France, Italy, England, Germany. Along the way we met some of our favorite friends. We found Aurora in France, Belle in Germany, Mary Poppins and Alice in London, Aladdin and Jasmine in Moroco, I even spotted Tigger and Piglet having fun. Snow White was sitting by her wishing well and she told me the best way to get a prince was to find a wishing well. Have to look for my own though. Hmm.  

Once We'd made our way around the world we headed back over to Germany to eat a German dish of Bratwurst and a delightful cake. Yum! We ate while waiting for the firework show to start. I also did a little shopping around the world as well. Picked up a great book about how the Queen in Snow White became so vain. (this became a great read for the plane ride home).

The lirework/laser show was truely spectacular.  They turned off all the lights in the park and brought out a huge world that lite up to show different images from around the world depicting, food, culture, dress, animals, landscape, people. The music and narrative that went along with it was amazing. We had a great view of the globe, the fireworks and a fabulous backdrop of Space Ship Earth.

Well the park had extended hours for those of us who were staying on Disney resorts. Which meant more time to play!

We made our way over to meet Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald. They were so much fun to interact with. I love Minnie's polka dot red dress.

After meeting our favorite characters we went into the iconic Space Ship Earth ride. It was really cute. They take you on a ride up to the top of the ball showing the evolution of human communication starting with cave drawings, egyptians papyrus, greek and roman cultures and eventually to the world wide web. It was really cool how they showed all of this. At the very top of the ball you feel like you are looking out over the galaxy as there are so many stars and the moon to view. As you make your way down they have you create your perfect future world. Ours was an environmentally safe house. It was really fun.

We went on a ride that showed us how Disney is doing research of agriculture. We got to see some of the laboratories they are working in. It was really informative and interesting to think that some scientist actually come to work at Disney World.

Then Simba, Timon and Pumba taught us the importance of taking care of our planet earth. A little too go green for me but I appreciated in non the less.

Michael Jackson has a 3D video here called Captain EO. I'm not sure what it was supposed to be but there were some cool dance moves. While in line for Captain EO the guy at the gate gave me a special pass to make sure I got to ride the newest ride of the park Soarin. This was a line that had a wait time of over an hour the entire day and into the night. This pass allowed us to skip the line. I almost gave this guy a huge kiss but didn't think it was appropriate. (darn, he was cute too!).

While in the line for Soarin we were at the very end and there was this couple in front of us who were a little drunk. They pulled out their bottle of wine and glasses and began to drink right there in the line. They were too funny and we had a good laugh with them. We were labled cool by them. The ride itself was amazing. You are lifted up in front of a huge IMAX screen and proceed to glide over gorgeous scenes of California. You literally feel like it is just you up in the sky flying over California. You could smell the oranges of the orchards, the salt of the sea. It felt like I was sky diving again being up there only not quite. Still one of the best rides. So glad we were able to go.

Well that's a wrap on day 2 of my Disney Adventure. 3 parks down and already I've had a magical time.

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