Friday, February 24, 2012

Hollywood Studios Day 2

Up early for another great day of adventure. We headed back to Hollywood Studios to finish up the rest of the park.

We started the morning with a movie ride that took us through some of the greatest movies throughout the ages. This ride has us seated in a jeep like mobile that drove through classic movie scenes. You were transported to the land of OZ with Dorothy, Stepping in Time on the roofs of London with Bert and Mary Poppins, and we were even invaded by a mobber who took control of our car. Fun movie memories.

We then went over to discover what it would be like to have someone shrink you in size. We explored the backyard of Wayne Salenski in Honey I Shrunk the Kids. This was a fun jungle gym area where we climbed all over the grass and discovered humongous objects lost in the yard like Play-Doh, film canisters, yo-yos. I was able to successfully navigate my way through the spiderweb without getting caught. The bee almost stung me though. And ants are huge when your small.

We went on a Back Lot Tour where they showed us how water fight scenes are set up for filming. Fire the guns! Boom! Splash! Very interesting to see how this is done. Then we walked through a warehouse where several items that are used on sets were stored. I got to see the chicken house that was used in the filming of Hannah Montana! We boarded a train and took a trip to a mountain area where a semi truck is stuck in a desert area. Suddenly there is an earthquake, and rushing water, and then a huge fire explodes where you saw the semi truck actually catch fire. It was like being a part of the filming of this scene. It was pretty cool. Moving on we saw the Disney One Plane that Walt Disney rode when he was searcing for land to build his theme park. There were many other mobile props including Herbie the Love Bug and the space ship from Flight of the Navigator. Then they showed us how they use card board to help create back drops for city scenes and such. Kind of interesting.

We walked the streets and such enjoying the sets and shops. The It's a Wonderful Life christmas store was too cute. The ornaments were beautiful. Inspires me to want to create a Disney wonderland at home.

Of course we have to meet a few characters. Lightning McQueen and Mater were there reving up their engines with excitement to see us.

Mike Wazowski and Sully were there to show us the door to enter that Monster Inc. world.
Walking around the corner what's this I hear? The sound of a light saber! Time to follow Luke Skywalker on an intergalatic adventure to fight against Darth Vadar and the clones. This ride is super unique. It's a simulator that makes you feel like you are actually going somewhere when in reality you haven't even left the ground. Pretty cool.

For lunch we knew where we needed to eat. Pizza Planet! The pizza was great, Woody and Buzz and all the green aliens were there. I felt just like Andy did in Toy Story eating there and looking at all the cool games you could play. Love it.

Before leaving the area we made our way back for one more ride on the Rockin Roller Coaster with Aerosmith before it was time to leave the park. Good thing we did to. It started raining as we got on the bus to head to our next adventure.

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