Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hollywood Studios. Day 1 continued

Welcome to Hollywood! The main street when you first walk into the park is set up to look just the way I would imagine Hollywood to look in the 1950's. Cute shops line up on both sides of the main street. Coke vendors with authentic uniforms and old cars. I literally feel like I have been transported to the movie center of the US.

Right away we get a picture with the iconic Sorcerors Apprentice hat which has a stage set in front of it with Disney Channel music performed live. So glad I know my Disney Channel Movies, High School Musical, Camp Rock, and Hannah Montana. Yes, I am singing along. Would I be doing anything else?

We made our way over to see the Little Mermaid live. It's a 17 minute electrifying show highlighting some of the favorite moments from the show. Not the best show I have seen but it was cute enough. T

We then made our way over to see the Beauty and the Beast show which is a great shortened production of the Broadway Musical Beauty and the Beast. We had pretty close senter seats which made for great viewing pleasure. The dancing was amazing. I was completely captivated by the stage, the dancing, the costumes, and man while Gaston may be a chauvenistic pig, he is one sexy man.

Time for a parade! Making our way back to the main street we found a great place to sit along the road for spectacular viewing pleasure of the parade when it came time to roll. Never a dull moment of entertainment to be had, I jumped in to learn the dance for a flash mob that was recorded by the park. Why not be in a flash mob? If nothing else it was a great work out. Once we learned the dance we went back to our seats, but as soon as the music came on, up on the streets the mobbers went and I have to say it was fun. I'm pretty sure I made the camera as it went right by me. Maybe I'll be in a movie!

Here comes Mickey! The parade was making its way to our area of the park and it was so much fun to see all the classic, timeless, favorite Disney characters. Most of the Pixar characters were present, including the grandpa from Up! I had a great time dancing along watching the parade go by.

After the parade we made our way over for some rides. Got a ticket to ride Rockin Roller Coaster with a soundtrack provided bu Aerosmith. To begin the ride you go into this recording studio where it appears that you are getting a viewing of the band recording. They have to rush off to make it to their show, but not wanting to leave us, their fans behind, they invite us to come along with them including back stage passes. They take off in their limo and a stretch limo is sent for us. Climbing into our seats on the limo (yes the front and back are shaped to look like a car), we buckle up and take off through the streets of LA at full speed, up and down and spinning around through black light signs listening to classic Aerosmith songs along the way. This was definitely a rockin rollin good ride.

Character greeting time. And let me say these characters are Incredible! Mr. Incredible and Elastic Girl were so fun. Definitely a married couple where the woman keeps the man in check. He danced with me, and kissed my hand. Love it.

I also got another pic with Winnie the Pooh in front of the Mr. Sanders tree. He's so huggable and lovable. 

As dusk was falling upon us it was time to enter the Twilight Zone in the Tower or Terror. From the moment you start to walk toward the Tower of Terror the doormen are there to greet you. Once inside you are shown what happened in the 1960's in the hotel when the elevator was struck by lightning. Twilight Zone! Then we are escorted to our elevator to continue learning and experiencing what happened in the Twilight Zone. Up we go, doors open and a ghost seems to appear. Door closes, up we go again, and the doors open to show another room, with ghosts. Doors close and up you go again to see the park with the sun setting over the horizon. Beautiful! The doors close and down we gooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Plunging down the elevator quickly stops and rises again and drops and rises. Spooky!

That evening we went to a showing of American Idol. The contestants were park visitors who had tried out earlier in the day and were the semi finalists from all the earlier shows. The winner would receive a pass to skip to the front of the line at the next real American Idol tryouts. The contestants were pretty good. It was tough to choose. The American Idol experience was pretty fun to watch.

Well, this was a great first day in the park. So many characters were greeted. So many great rides. The ambiance of the parks are incredible. I'm ready for bed so another great day can begin.

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  1. I love that you learned a dance for a flash mob. This whole post makes me happy!