Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Animal Kingdom. Day 1

I had such a hard time sleeping that night. I was so full of anticipation for what the day would bring and being able to go out to see the park. When morning came I jumped out of bed (I literally wanted to but refrained so Jessica could sleep a little longer). I proceeded to get ready for the day and once we were both ready to go out the door we went.

We headed to the bus pick up area and the first bus to pull up was heading to Animal Kingdom. Not wanting to stand around waiting we hopped on the bus and headed to Animal Kingdom. We arrived at the park early so the gates hadn't opened yet which was nice as it allowed us time to look at the map and activity schedule to see what we wanted to do.

As soon as the gates opened we headed for Camp Minnie and Mickey. We were the first in line to see The Festival of the Lion King. It seemed fitting to start our adventure hearing The Circle of Life. Whenever you hear those open chants you immediately wake up and know that something exciting is about to happen. We had front row seats to this 360 stage. When the show started I was immediately swept into the Pride Lands. We learned to do the monkey dance (very similar to waddaliacha from girls camp days). Then they needed a volunteer from each section to lead the animal call. I volunteered to lead our section. Note to self, work on elephant sound.

Flying monkeys, bright lights, elaborate costumes, music you can dance to and sing along with, and your favorite Lion King characters made this an amazing show.

As soon as we got out of the show it was time to meet some characters. We met safari Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy along with the rabbits from Bambi and the Chipmunks.

After meeting Disney friends, we went to see Finding Nemo the Musical. This was absolutely adorable. I was looking for the soundtrack but to no avail. I am amazed at the theatrical creativity some people have. Being the theatre lover that I am, I was swept away to the Australian Barrier Reef with Nemo, Marlin, Dorey and Crush. Best song was where Nemo sings "That's My Dad" where he sings about how proud he is of his father. I love my daddy too.

After a couple of shows it was time to hit a few rides so off to Mt. Everest we went to see the Yeti, a creature that haunts the local area. Waiting in line was actually kind of fun as there line wrapped through a museum explaining the legend of the Yeti and some of the findings of the creature along with expeditions. It was really pretty cool. The ride was amazing! You start going so fast up to the top of the mountain and then all of a suddent there is no more track. Someone (or thing) has broken the tracks. With no where to go all of a sudden we are being fiercely being pulled backwards through a dark tunnel where you can't see anything. Somehow we find our way into a cave with a dead end and there is a Yeti! He's not too pleased to see you there. Quickly you are pulled back out of the cave and somehow turn back around looping up and down and around getting off the mountain as fast as you can to the bottom. Loved this ride.

For a little tamer ride we went to the 4D experience inside the Tree of Life where we learn from Flick how "It's Tough to be a Bug." Yes the stink bugs made an appearance, Peeewww! Spiders crawled down onto your heads. Centipeds crawled along the benches behind you, and something else poked me from behind. It was a super cute show and we got to meet the star of the show afterwards.

We settled for a fabulous animal style lunch of fruit and barbeque salad that was absolutely delicious.

 After lunch, we made our way over to the Hundred Acre Woods to meet Pooh, Tiger and Eeyore. Pooh is just as huggable as he you can imagine him to be. Eeryore gives the best hugs. And, you can't help but bounce along with Tigger.


With so much to see we felt it was time to make our way to the next park. Hollywood Studio here we come!

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