Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Temple Lights Part II

The temple lights are so nice this time of year that they needed to be seen twice. This second time I went with a date. A blind date. A set up by the Langley Ward Social Club. I know right, Kara allowed someone to set her up on a date? Craziness. Well, I am getting older so when opportunities arise I figure I better take them. And really, it's a walk around the temple and a great Christmas show so how can I say no to that. The venue is magical.

So the date wasn't bad at all. We both went to BYUI so we were able to talk about the campus and professors we had. We walked around to a side that I hadn't seen as well before and the lights were amazing. I don't know how you can not be in the Christmas spirit with so many lights around on.

The show was really good. Sandra Turley, a broadway professional who performed as Cosette in my favorite play Les Miserables was the concert performer at at the Visitor's Center. She had an amazing voice for broadway. Her daughter was simply adorable. A little Prima Donna. They sang Where Are You Christmas and it was so touching. I loved it. Really stirred the heartstrings for an amazing reminder of Christmas and what it means to keep the spirit of the holiday with you always.

Well how did the date end you may ask. He didn't ask for my number and I wasn't just going to give it. (Work for it guys). So will I see him again? Only time will tell.

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