Saturday, February 14, 2015

Rough Times Bring Beautiful Wonders (Taiwan 4)

New Years Day we decided to head to the top of the country to explore a geological park. The park was along the northern coast looking out over the Pacific Ocean. It was a bit of a windy day but the temperature was perfect for hiking outside.The scenery was gorgeous! I have never seen a coast like this before. We hiked along the touristy area for a while and then made our way to higher ground where fewer people went. I was listening to music as we were hiking and thinking because the night before I had gone through something of a breakup. Basically a guy told me that the reason he couldn't develop feelings for me was because he had feelings for my unavailable roommate. Ouch! Yes, it hurt and I did not get much sleep. (like 4 hours of sleep). I fell asleep crying after getting off the phone with him. I told Daina what had happened so she was a very supportive of letting me have my quiet time as we walked. I was trying not to be in a bad mood and to be honest I really wasn't. I was more contemplating my life and what had happened in the past and how I wanted to change so that I wouldn't feel like I was repeating the same trials over and over again.

I started comparing trials to the waves that were beating against the coast we were hiking on. The waves were sometimes really low and light against the surface. But when the winds picked up the waves were bigger and hit harder against the rocks. Now the entire time we were walking around I was amazed at the landscape and the beauty of it. The coast was very porous from the waves hitting it so often and I realized that it was because of all the waves coming in that the surface was formed and shaped to be so beautiful. Had there been no waves the rocks would have been flat and dull. It was all the unique shapes in the rocks that made the rocks so amazing.

We have to allow the waves of life to come in and help to shape us into something beautiful. It's how we grow and form who we are in the world. While breakups are not fun I definitely have learned what I want to do going forward with my life and I can say that I have been changed for the better.

Meditation time
It's skull rock

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