Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Missouri Thanksgiving

I surprised my parents by coming home for Thanksgiving. They had no clue I was coming. It was great to see there surprised faces when I opened the door to my sisters house. We had a good time catching up that evening and then preparing for Thanksgiving dinner the next day.

Early in the morning we all woke up to my brother and his two kids arrival. Once the niece and nephew got in there was no going back to sleep. My niece cuddled right up to me as she was still really tired but didnt want to miss what was happening. Eventually we ate breakfast and continues to catch up and play with the kids. Then it was time to head over to my brother in laws family for Thanksgiving dinner. I supplied the Turkey veggie tray. Oh how good Turkey tastes. Yummy!

Kayla and Sam finally revealed what they were having. They told each of us to pick a pink or blue balloon depending in if we thought they were having a boy or a girl. Riley told me to pick a pink balloon. We all were supposed to blow put balloons up together and the color left standing at the end was the sex of the baby. All the pink balloons popped as we were blowing them up leaving the blue balloons left. Its a boy!!!!!

I had a nice nap after dinner and then we headed out to do some holiday shopping.  We braved the Black Friday crowds and headed to Walmart. It wasn't actually that terrible. I picked up a few more movies for the year and some roommate presents. Riley pickef out a pink shopping cart for herself that she pushed all around Target.   She woukd fill it up with other things for herself. When I asked her what we should get Kyte she said she would share with him. Her mommy says otherwise :) Kyre got a ball thing that you hammer which became a big hit the rest of the weekend.

We had a late night talking and playing games but it was ggood to be with family.

Friday we took the kids to the zoo. Kyre loved all the animals. Riley liked them as long as they were outside running around. She didnt like being inside with them. The elephants were her favorite. I was sad the penguins were still closed.

Saturday morning we went to see Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1. It was pretty good.

After that we went to visit Uncle Ivan and Aunt Phyllis for a little bit before heading home to get a few more hours of play time before it was time for the kids to leave. I didnt want to say goodbye to my niece and nephew. Tears may have been shed.

Sunday morning we talked a while together before mom, dad, Kami and Cade left. I will see them sometime next year. After they left Sam, Kayla and I headed back to the Shilligs house to play games for the rest of the night. I am the Kings Crown queen!

Monday and Tuesday Kayla and I just hung around the house since it was freezing outside. We did some cyber Monday shopping and just enjoyed bring together. I love spending time with my family. It does make me want to move closer to them. Its good to know I will be back in the spring when my nephew is born.

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