Tuesday, October 7, 2014

High Flying Adored

It was another fantastic evening spent with my former coworker at the Kennedy Center. The evenings entertainment was Evita. I love this musical. Unforgettable songs like Don't Cry for Me and High Flying Adored will leave you floating on air. The performers did an excellent job. I loved the girl playing Eva. Che (while no Ricky Martin) did a great job as well as Peron.

To quote Peron, "when you act, you take us away from the squalor of the real world."

Oh how many times have I wanted to use this line to get a guy to recognize me, "I'd be good for you, I'd be surprisingly good for you."

And we should all walk around with the attitude of, "Stand Back, You want to know whatcha gonna get in me? Just a little touch of star quality!)

Finally, girls you need to remember you "is a Diamond."

A fabulous night, another great show. Oh how I love musicals!

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