Monday, October 6, 2014

Call to Serve

My favorite email I receive every week is this:

Dear Sisters:

I have you scheduled to serve at the Temple this Weds. evening, October 8th.

Please confirm that you can be there with "Yes" and
"No" if you cannot come.

I'm so happy the temple will be open next week as I have really missed being there.

I hope to see all of you Weds.

I love when I can respond Yes because I feel like it is a call to serve the Lord and I love to serve the Lord. When I have to say No due to other things that I must attend to, I feel like I am saying "No Lord, I can't help you this week." This breaks my heart every time I reply no. I want to be known as someone who can serve the Lord when asked to do so. But something that struck me at conference this week was the story about how sometimes we must help ourselves first before we can help others. Those times when I am not able to serve in the temple and say no are usually times when I am out of town or sick. Being out of town comes with living far from family. And no one wants someone helping them if they are sick. Spread love not germs right?
Still this is my favorite email to get every week and it brings me great joy when I can respond with a big YES!

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