Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wonderfully Wicked!

I love going to the theater and don't know that I can say that enough. There is something so magical about seeing a live show that somehow takes me to another time, another world, another place where magic, love, tragedy, joy, pain etc. can happen. I love the thrill of dressing up and going to a theater. In the area I love going to the Balitmore Hippodrome to see shows. The theater is really cute inside and I have never been disaapointed with a performance there. I've also discovered the partial view seating which has completely changed my world as far as the expierence of live productions is concerned. Being so much closer to the stage and being able to see the facial expressions of the performers has given no meaning to many of my favorite shows.
One show I absolutely love to see is Wicked. My friend Jenny Ellen had never seen Wicked before I couldn't very well let another year pass in her life without her experiencing this wonderful performance. I mean the music alone is enough to make you want to sing along with Elphaba and Galinda. Who doesn't want to Defy Gravity, become Popular, and find a lifelong friend For Good?

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