Sunday, May 6, 2012

Travel the World in a Day

How many countries can one person travel to in a day? I made it to 8 countries today thanks to a great event in DC called Passport Day. The world embassies open their doors and invite the public in to tour their embassies and learn about their countries. It's a great event that allows you to step on to foreign soil and get a feel for other countries and world cultures. And yes I said foreign soil. When you step inside an embassies grounds you are stepping off of American soil and onto the another countries soil. Weird to think but so true. It's a whole lot cheaper to travel this way. I was able to travel to Botswana, Trinidad, Kazahkstan, Rwanda, Mozambique, Indonesia, Australia, and Peru.

In Botswana I ate a worm. It was actually really pretty good. A little chewy and kind of had a tofu taste to it but it wasn't bad. Its a very pretty country though and the brochure says that the most beautiful women live there. They also brag to have the most friendly people as well. The ones at the embassy were pretty nice.

Kazahkstan was amazing. I was quite impressed with the embassy itself. The murals on the wall were exquisite. Hand painted walls and ceilings giving the feeling of being in a jungle area. They pictures of the capital were really interesting. The architecture is incredible.

Indonesia is one of my favorite embassies. The staircase is impeccable. My jaw drops everytime I see it. There is also an antique pipe organ inside that is envious.

What passport day really does for me is put new places on my must travel to list. I definitely want to travel more. Time to pull out that passport and get some plane tickets purchased. Where to first?

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