Monday, April 30, 2012

I Drive Important People

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of driving around the prsident of the California Federation of Republican Women. Carol Hadley is her name and she was the sweetest woman to be around. How did we meet? Well my friend put us in contact as she was going to be out of town and needed someone to help escort Carol around. (yes we are on a first name basis). I was delighted to be able to help her get to church and to her hotel room. I picked her up in Sunday morning at 9:00am (I had to wake her up) and we went to one wards Sunday School and then another wards Sacrament meeting. The meetings were great in the family ward. One young man was giving his mission farewell talk. Low and behold, the woman sitting in front of us was on the same plane as Carol so they were able to bond a bit after the meeting was over. One thing I have to say, the bishopric and Stake President are amazing in the Great Falls Ward. They all went out of their way to notice that we were visiting in the ward and welcomed us with bright cheery smiles. I haven't felt that at church in a long time.

After church I informed that we were going out to eat as she would not let me take her back to my place to make something for her. We went to my mom's favorite restaurant Olive Garden. We were able to bond over talking about our favorite musical Les Miserables. We also talked about books and love for history. She used to be a history teacher.

Carol asked me if I ever thought about running for office. I have never thought to go into politics. I have too much of a tender heart for such things I think but Carol seemed to think that I would be really good at it and they needed more young people to get out and be active. I thought of April Lyman when she said that. Who knows what could happen to me down the road. I just need to focus on my other organizations first.

I then took the scenic route into the city through GeorgeWashington parkway and Georgetown to her hotel. I pointed out all the buildings and gave some historical facts that I have in head from my tour guide days. She loved it all. It was sad to have to drop her off at her hotel but we exchanged information and will be staying in contact for sure.

I feel so lucky to have been able to meet such a wonderful adn accomplished woman with a lot of spirit. She gave me such great compliments that I really needed to hear to get me through this work week. Never pass up an oppurtunity to serve. You never know who you are helping out.

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  1. Wow Kara - very cool that you bonded, and had such interesting conversation! I'm hardly surprised!