Sunday, April 1, 2012

Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I look forward to the opporutnity to hear the words of the prophets give guidance and counsel during General Conference. To have living prophets and apostles on the earth today is a tremendous blessing. Being able to listen to their words of counsel for two days is truly a tender mercy of the Lord. I am able to hear the words of the Lord, spoken from the mouths of his prophets and apostles, that are able to uplift me and speak words of comfort to my soul. This conference was no exception. There were several talks that I know were directly at me and gave me the direction I needed to redirect my life to become a better person and disciple of Jesus Christ. Here are some of the messages I received from Conference.

President Thomas S. Monson spoke about how no unhallowed hand can stop the work of the Lord from progressing. He urged each of us to live our lives so that the Lord could use you as one of His instruments in helping to fulfill his work on the earth. He also spoke about how we live a day where our lives are lived in the fast lane and we need to learn to slow down and not focus so much on the trivial things in life. We need to focus on what is truly important and make time for those things by seeking moments of clarity. We are here to not flow with the current. Blessings are earned through strigingly seeking, learning, repenting and then succeeding.

Elder Boyd K. Packer talked about how we need to do the best we can with what we are given and blessings from the Lord will come. Repentance and the lasting measure of forgiveness will be well worth the effort put into the repentance process. Don't overlook the Spirit of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks talked about the atonement and sacrifices that we are asked to make. He said that Christ made the ultimate sacrifice to do the ultimate good for you. There are sacrifices that Christ asks us to make but those sacrifices will bring mortal and eternal fulfillment. There is no sacrifice too great, too heavy, too burdensome, to stop you from recieving the blessings of the Lord within His temple.

Elder Henry B Eyring spoke about adversity and trials and how there are great challenges in life and opportunities to be met. There are great blessings that come from adversity. While adveristy and challenges will come, the Lord has promised that He will not forsake you. We need to take the time to build a foundation of faith within your heart so that when adversity arises your faith will not crumble. Building foundation on solid ground requires personal integrity. You should never think that it is because you have done something wrong that you are going through tirals, but rather the Lord is polishing you to become more perfected on your path to return to him.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland talked about the parable of the laborers who were called to serve in the fields during different hours of the day. When the end of the day came all workers were compensated the same amount no matter the time spent laboring in the fields. Elder Holland went on to talk about jealousy and how we need to not be envious of those things that we believe to be unfair. We should not be jealous because god chooses to be kind to someone else when he has been just and fair with you. You should not allow your own judgements get in the way of thinking that others do not deserve the blessings they have been given. Coveting, putting others down or tearing them down does not raise your standing or self image. Don't dwell on old views or grievances. Let it go and move on. You should also not let things that were done or said in the past keep you from moving on in the future. No matter what you have done, you have not traveled far enough to escape the love and mercy of God. It is never too late to return to God so don't dealay any longer.

Elder Robert D. Hales counseled us to prepare ourselves to partake of the sacrament each week. We need to prayerfully seeking for forgiveness of sinsa nd shortcomings while partaking of the sacrament. You should allow the atonement to be active in your life. The temple is a great motivater. Go to the temple often and encourage those around you to go to the temple. The standard to hold a temple recommend is not too high to achieve.

Elder Quentin L. Cook counseled us to be intune to the music of faith and be in harmony with the Spirit.

Elder Richard G. Scott spoke about revelation. Revelation comes by learning to ask through prayer and scripture study. You need to create an environment that will allow the spirit to be present which means removing loud laughter, exageration, keeping good health practices including sleep. Dreams can also be a way to receive revelation. When it is for the Lords purpose, He can bring anything to our remembrance. You should record impressions and revelation so that they be able to be recalled later. When you are acting as an instrument for others, you can more easily feel and receive inspiration from the spirit because you are not thinking about yourself.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf emphasized the importance of not judging others and learning to forgive. Everyone depends on the Savior as no one can be saved without Him. Therefore, you must repent and forgive others. Because you require the mercy of the Lord you must also extend mercy to others. You should not try to justify your anger as righteous or your judgement as correct. You do not have all the information to hold someone in contempt. The moment you judge someone else, you condemn yourself. You are required to forgive all men including yourself. Yes it's hard and it requires a might change of heart, but that is what the gospel of Jesus Christ is. You can over come hard feelings and emotions with the love of Christ so open your heart to Him. Because God loves you so much, you to must love one another. In the end it is the merciful who will obtain mercy. If you are holding on to grudges, not allow yourself to forgive others, with holding mercy, STOP IT!

Elder Russell M. Nelson reflected on the greatness of the creation of God. It is unreasonable to believe that we came about because of some big bang in the universe. The bodies that we have are one of Gods most amazing creations. Our spirit is important and its growth is of eternal consequence. You must remember that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, but you however, are not the same, everyday you grow and change.

Elder L. Tom Perry encouraged members to share their love of the Book of Mormon with those around you in a natural and normal way. The Book of Mormon teaches us in a pure and correct way the doctrine of Christ. By reading the Book of Mormon you learn how the Lord has continuously delivered his people. It is through the atonement that we are offered deliverance from both physical and spiritual death. The Book of Mormon is a great book.

Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke abotu the importance of family. He noted that people who are successful have values that they live by which bring about success. Everyone tends to lose their way at some point in life, but we have the spirit of the Lord which is a far better tool than a GPS unit. If you have fallen away, you can return the course as the Lord teaches in the parable of the lost coin, the lost sheep and the prodigal son. You can return to the Lord who with your spiritual GPS can tell you where you are and where you are going.

Elder Neil L. Anderson gave some questions to think about. Does my life reflect the love and devotion I feel for the Savior? What does Christ think of me? Does he think I am a child in his kingdom or a hypocrit? The Lord will bless you with customized direction from the messages you have received. Come follow me is not a call to compete in a spiritual olympics. When you are on the road to discipleship, you are on the right road.

I have been very inspired by the words of the prophet and apostles this weekend and will be seeking to earnestly strive to change my life to be a better disciple of the Lord and follow His teachings which He has spoken to me through the spirit.

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