Monday, March 5, 2012

Animal Kingdom Day 5 continued

We made our way back over to Animal Kingdom to explore what we had not explored yet. If you remember my first day started in Animal Kingdom and we only explored half the park to make sure we got to everything at the other parks. Now we were going to see what we missed.

We decided to run the hidden pine trails of the forest and learn to paintwith the all the colors of the wind by paying a visit to Pocahontas. I remember when this movie first came out and love the music.

We made our way over to the forest area to hang out with Jungle Book characters King Louis and Baloo the Bear. They give great hugs and are all smiles.

Walking around it seemed that the forest was moving. That's because part of it was. There was a tree woman who was walking around on stilts. She was so graceful as she moved through the forests and down the sidewalks.

We made our way over to Dinosaur Land for a time travel adventure to find a dinosaur that was being tracked for study. But we had to hurry through otherwise we would get caught in the mass explosion that ended dinosaur life as we know it. I almost got eaten by a T-Rex! Luckily we made it through.

We found Pluto hanging out in Dinosaur Land as well and said hi to him again.

It was decided that we needed to visit the Yeti again on the Everest Ride which still has me boggled as to how amazing it was.

Time to go to Africa on a Safari adventure. Disney really does have a great conservation area. Every animal I could ever think of encountering in Africa I found on this Safari adventure. There were lions, warthogs, giraffes, gazelles. elephants, hippos, aligators, ostrich, rhinos (he walked right by our jeep). It was an amazing African adventure. I feel like I could mark off African Safari from my bucket list because this was a pretty cool adventure. You couldn't see the fences at all that would have divided the animals up so the whole thing felt like it was an outdoor wild adventure.

Parade time! The Jungle parade was really unique as they many of the floats were designed to look like exotic animals. Very creative.

Well it's almost time for the adventure to end and we have a date with princesses in Epcot.

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