Saturday, February 4, 2012

When the working day is done, girls just want to have fun.

Wow! There is still a ringing in my ears. Tonight a dream of mine has been realized. I was able to stand in the front row of a concert. And this was not just any concert, this was an 80's cover band, The Legwarmers. I've heard so much about them from friends who have gone before that I knew I needed to go to a show. I finally was able to go. What a great show! I knew so many of the songs (thanks to Glee). The band was great. They really did an amazing job performing these classic songs. Songs like: Billie Jean, Whip It, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Love a Bad Name, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Safety Dance, Total Eclipse of the Heart, and of course the iconic Don't Stop Believing.
But you can't go to an 80's cover band show unless you are going to dress the part. Thanks to my dear friend Megan, who helped accessorize all of us, we definitely looked like we had just stepped out of a time machine with a real blast from the past. It really is liberating to dress up in clothes you wouldn't normally wear. And we all rocked the look.

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