Sunday, January 22, 2012

You Never Know What You Will Find

 I went for a lovely walk around the historic Leesburg area the other day. What a charming little stroll. The shops were so cute and delightful to explore. Here are some unique finds that put a smile on my face.
This door was only about 2 feet wide. Little people must live here.
 Robert E. Lee stayed in this house. How cool would it be to own this place now?
 Down a back alley we found a pet shop with a Chia Pet.
 Can I just say how incredibly cute this house is? I could very easily see myself living here someday.
 The best sign on the side of an old house I have ever seen.
The most fabulous cookbook ever. This thing had so many great recipes contained within it's pages. Every girl should have one of these.

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