Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stretch Your Mind and Body

So I figured I would try this yoga thing. I've never really been one that was into the whole "in touch" yoga thing. Call me a skeptic but it just seemed so light minded to me. Anyway, in my pursuit to get in better shape this year I figured I would try it out. (Actually there was a great deal from Groupon to buy 30 yoga classes for $20. Couldn't beat that and I know it helps in getting in shape). I was actually kind of excited about going and just hoping that I would be able to make it through to the end of the class.

We'll I did it. I was able to make it through the entire class and while I didn't do every move exactly as the instructor did with flexibility I was able to do them. And surprise to me, it felt great. I left feeling really good about myself. Knowing I had stretched myself but not too far. I was ready to continue to do more.

So basically I gave yoga a second chance and it worked. You really can grow to like things. Already signed up for my next class. Can't wait. In the mean time I'll keep doing some yoga from youtube videos.

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