Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reality tv isn't reality?

So a new season of The Bachelor has started and I have to say I am hooked. I really liked Ben when he was on the Bachelorette so it's good to see him again. As I watched the first episode this morning you could see the drama start to play right away. 25 beautiful women show up to win the heart of 1 man. There's the sweet girls, the clever girls, the girl everyone loves to hate, the sensitive girls and the girls who are going to fight to win no matter what it takes. As I'm watching all this unfold on screen I'm thinking to myself, "self, this is kind of like an LDS singles ward." I thought about this more and found several similarities between the Bachelor and the Singles Ward. Lets demonstrate:
  1.  25 women all wanting one man. Have you ever gone to munch and mingle after a new, cute guy has moved into a ward? So many girls make their move to get his attention. 
  2. Munch and Mingle is pretty much a sober version of a cocktail party. Small chats with as many people as you can to get to know them better to see if you want to continue to get to know them. 
  3. Roses are similar to numbers. Right away the guy is started to make note of who is wants to get numbers of and who he doesn't find a connection with. 
  4. First impression rose goes to the girl who catches his eye right off the bat and he makes sure to leave with her number. 
  5. Let the dating begin! Now that he has met all these girls who are throwing themselves at him he can date around a bit. No need to commit to one girl, he has so many to choose from.
  6. The girls start to notice all the other girls flirting with the same guy so they will either a) become more aggressive with each other so when they see him talking to another girl they make sure to throw themselves into the conversation so they can get their time in too. b) Start fighting with each other with all kinds of gossip and back biting while all the while maintaining their innocence in front of him. c) Become so sensitive and self conscious that they figure it's just not worth all this hassle and hope that he just likes you for you without the flirting.
  7. Eventually the guy continues to narrow the pool down through more ward social events. You have FHE, Institute, Firesides, all classic places to continue to meet and have sober "cocktail parties" until finally, there is only one girl left that he truly wants to date where he "proposes" they become an item. Every other girl has been eliminated and while all the other girls are jealous and rejected one comes out victorious. The other girls will try their hand at the next most eligible bachelor that moves into the ward.
So really is reality tv all that different than real life? Maybe more exaggerated for sure but come all, we like the show because in some way we have all been in that position. So I will continue to watch the Bachelor and I will continue to be a contestant in my Singles Ward.


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