Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Balls Bluff

The Battle of Balls Bluff which took place in Leesburg, VA. in October of 1861 was a battle that should never have taken place. 233 lives were lost due to a mistake by Union scouts believing trees were Confederate tents allowing the Conferates to catch the Union troops off guard and push them back down a bluff and swimming across the Potomac River all while being fired upon. Bummer deal for Union Troops.

I had never been to this battlefield before so it was neat to see it for the first time. While the battle grounds are very small compared to other battlefields, the state did a great job of painting a picutre of what took place here with a wonderful interpretive trail to follow you through the woods marking where troops were located during the fighting.

Here is a picture of the bluffs. I would not want to have tried to push a cannon up this bluff nor would I have wanted to march up it with all of my gear on my back.
This was a really nice cemetery that is marked by 24 graves of unknown soldiers. Interesting to note that there are also parts of soldiers in this cemetary and not whole bodies.

The only U.S. Senator to die in the war was General Edward Baker who was shot here while leading his California regiment.

I came to the conclusion that I believe I agreed to let my husband come before me to fight and die in this war and that I would study this war during my lifetime with the understanding from God that we were to recieve all the great blessings He has to offer in the next life. Just a thought.

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