Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's My Party!

It's My Birthday! Today I turn 27 years old. I used to think that that was old but I have to say it doesn't seem very different from being 26. I feel pretty much the same. I'm not too old and I'm not too young. I guess comparatively to the church I should be married with a couple kids by now, but to the worlds standards I'm right on track. I have a great job, great friends, so many great adventures to do. Life is amazing and it's been very good to me. Another year older, hopefully I'll be a little wiser too.

So my dear roommates organized a little party for me. My friends gathered at Cafe Rio for some amazing dinner. I understand the craving for it now. It was so sweet of everyone to come. I always so touched by the well wishes and kind gestures of people. I don't expect people to take the time to go out of their way for me so when friends do such kind gestures it really does mean so much to me. I mean I'm starting to tear up just thinking about all the love I was shown today. Seriously, Thank you friends. Your the best for taking your evening to spend with me.

After dinner we went back to my place for cake and ice cream. Jenny Elle made me a gingerbread cheesecake which was absolutely delicious. I made a wish this year but I can't tell it otherwise it won't come true. (And no it wasn't what my friends think it was for. I've wished on that enough).

My roommate Michelle surprised me this morning with a beautiful bouquet of white roses and a mug of Les Miserables. The card was a princess card. She sure does know what I like.

Again, thank you to all my friends for coming out and celebrating with me. I truly was touched by your kindness. As I turn another year older I ponder the goals that I want to make for myself in the coming year. I will need to make a list of the 27 things I want to do while 27. Here goes: 
  1. Disney World 
  2. Harry Potter World
  3. Study the life of Christ through books and scripture study. Keep notes in a journal. 
  4. Go to the Postal Museum
  5. Go to the Hirshorn Museum. 
  6. Go to the National Cathedral for mass. 
  7. Compete in weight wars (not telling my weight loss goal).
  8. Attend the temple twice a month
  9. Go to Palmyra for the Hill Cumorah Pageant
  10. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  11. Antietam Illumination
  12. Learn to play For Good on the piano flawlessly. 
  13. Crochet a baby blanket
  14. Get pictures in my travel frames
  15. Learn a new recipe a month
  16. Take the Night at the Museum walking tour. 
  17. Walk the Falls Church historic walking tour
  18. Picnic at Fort Washington
  19. Picnic at Great Falls National Park
  20. Play Volleyball more
  21. Keep up on my blog
  22. Stay more politically involved
  23. Save up for a big trip (Jerusalem is the goal is peace can prevail)
  24. Do my visiting teaching every month before the end of the month
  25. Learn a song in sign language
  26. Finish my LDS DC tour
  27. Laugh!


  1. Can I join you for #6, #16, #17, and #19? Also, once you finish #26 I want to go on the tour! Good luck with your goals?

  2. Yes please I'd love to join those too, plus #4! What a great year you have in store. Glad you enjoyed your birthday. You deserve all the best!!