Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas comes to DC

Every year I make my way downtown to enjoy the Christmas displays. I have a routine where I go to the Botanical Gardens to enjoy their festive organic displays. Then I head over to the Capitol building for pics with the Christmas tree and then finally make my way to the White House for the National Tree and the state trees. I can't believe where I live sometimes. There are so many picturesque places for my viewing pleasure. I am truly blessed to be where I am and the amazing opportunities I have. 
The Lincoln Memorial

The Capitol Building

Library of Congress

Supreme Court
White House

 This year the theme was critters. There were homes for fairies, bugs and animals. It amazes me how they can create such a magical world with natural materials. Kind of feels like Ferngully come to life.

The Capitol Tree flown in from California

The White House Christmas Tree celebrates its inaugural year. Love the trains around it.

All things fair, Christmas and Hanakah

When we told Santa we all wanted husbands he said he was a toy maker. Don't worry Santa, we intend to play with them :)

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