Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Card

This has truly been a very blessed year. I have had so many wonderful adventures and blessings come into my life. I tried to highlight the top ten things for the year in my Christmas Card.
To elaborate a little more
  1. Yes I went Skydiving! It was the most surreal feeling you will ever have in the world. You know that you are falling to the earth at such great speed, yet it it almost feels like your floating at the same time. Truly an amazing experience.
  2. I was so happy to have my sister Kayla come and live with me for the summer. I love having a sister that I can be close with. We did so many great things. I'm only sad that she wanted to leave me :(
  3. This year started the beginning of the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War. I was able to participate the City of Falls Church Civil War Days celebration as the coordinator for the children's activities. We also celebrated the 150th anniversary of the ascent of Thaddeus Lowe's balloon from Falls Church (our 15 minutes of fame). Even more exciting was going to the 1st Battle of Bull Run/Manassas (depending on which side you are on), to watch the reenactment there.
  4. Riley Jeanette Osmonson was born into this world in June and I officially became an aunt. She has won my heart and knows that I will spoil her rotten.
  5. My brother Brett was married in August to a real gem in this world. Whitney is so fun and refreshing and has completely made my brother happy. I've never seen him smile so much. The wedding was in California so a trip out there was made.
  6. I went to so many concerts this year. A few were NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block/BackStreet Boys), Taylor Swift, Glee, Goo Goo Dolls, Michelle Branch, Parachute, Capitol Fourth, Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  7. I was promoted to a role of a PMO Support Analyst which has been really good and challenging for me. I can see a better, stronger career path opening up for me and I am much happier with my employment.
  8. My whole family (minus Brett, Kyle and Tonya) came to visit me in DC for Memorial Weekend and I was able to show them around the area for all the festivities.
  9. I was able to run the Harpers Ferry Half Marathon in April. It was a very strenuous run as it consisted of really steep hills but I did prevail.
  10.  Over Labor Day weekend a couple of friends and I headed up to Acadia National Park in Maine for some camping. It was truly beautiful.
This year I have been blessed by the Lord with so many tender mercies. I am truly grateful for His loving kindness He has given me.

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