Thursday, November 17, 2011

She Did It

So I have had many people tell me that I need to blog about my life as I do so many amazing things. I don't think they are amazing necessarily as just great times that make life worth living. I believe in seizing the day and making every day an adventure. While it's true my social calendar gets filled up quickly (I don't have a free Saturday until the new year), I do enjoy the simple things in life. This blog is a way to share the adventures I have and the many great things that fill my life with infinite joy. 2 Nephi 2:25 "men are that they might have joy."

Kaleidoscopic Kara comes from my days when I was a faculty advisor for NYLC. We used to play the adjective game when learning everyone's names and there aren't to many K words out there. Kaleidoscopic kind of fits though. So many different images, shapes, and colors that all together create a unique picture. This is how I see my life. A variation of different interests, hobbies, experiences, etc that are shaping together to create a beautiful picture that is every changing. What a great way to live life.

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