Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Children of Eden

As much as I love musical theater it never really occurred to me that I should try out to be in a show. I love to singe but don't think I have the best of voices and I definitely can't dance. So back in November when Sister Smith encouraged me to audition for a community production of Children of Eden I was a little skeptical of my chances to actually get in to a show. I went to the audition so nervous and not really sure what to expect. The music part was simple enough but I had no idea how to dance. By the time I got up to the reading I was pretty sure that I was not going to be cast in the show so I relaxed a little more and just went with it. Who knew that acting would actually be my best part. 

Weeks later I received a phone call with an offer to play the role of Aysha, one of the wives of the sons of Noah. I was thrilled as there are very few female roles in the show. Even though it was a small part I was very excited. 

The process of putting together the show was long and we had several bumps happen along the way. Our music director committed suicide a month in to rehearsal. We didn't have enough men audition for the male leads so we we're still looking for cast there. The directors mother had a stroke and was not going to fully recover from it. And then schedules never seemed to work out for us to all get together and rehearse. It really was a miracle that the show was able to come together. But for all the struggles that happened I was very touched and moved by the music and spirit that the show is trying to convey.

The show is written by Stephen Schwartz who also wrote Pippin, Godspell and Wicked. It is literally the first 8 chapters of Genesis. The first act covers the creation through the death of Abel. The second act starts by going through the generations of Adam down to Noah and then covers the steps of Noah and the flood. It ties in the lessons that are taught in the first act with the second act. There are some great lessons that they draw about love, being a parent, forgiveness,. Some of my favorite songs are Spark of Creation, Lost in the Wilderness, and Hardest Part of Love. 

I also really enjoyed studying the life and decision of Adam and Eve in the garden and about the creation. Even though it wasn't all told on the way that I believe I was really touched to hear how other religions teach the creation and view the garden of Eden. 

I was so grateful to all my friends who came out to see the show and support me. They are the best and I'm so blessed to have such a great support system in my life. I made some great friends in the show and was able to stretch myself into doing something new. I even learned to dance a little bit. Looking forward to other shows to audition for and perform in.  

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