Thursday, October 23, 2014

Renaissance Festival

Its fun to dress up and leave the modern world behind and journey to the land of mythical creatures, knights, ladies and Shakespeare. Its a place where people are driven by their emotions of love, honor and passion.
It was great fun to celebrate AnnaLisa and Elizabeth's birthday. Thanks to my good friend Becca for the loan of the clothes I dressed up as an elf with pointy ears. Of course, no festival is complete without the joys of sampling as much fair food as possible. I particularly loved my Huntsman Baked Potato which had a BBQ Turkey on it. YUM!

It was a beautiful day and a great way to celebrate the birth of two wonderful people in my life. Thanks for the memories ladies and gent!
Elf Kara
The Dueling Fools who had fun playing with words. Not bad looking either ;)
Chris, Sandi, Elizabeth, Kara and AnnaLisa enjoying a show.
The beginning of the Jousting Competition. This is a demonstration of how it's done.

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