Friday, October 10, 2014

Meet the Mormons

Tonight I had an inspiring evening with my dear friend Jenny Ellen. We went to Shoppers to grab some cronuts and then headed to the Balston theater to see the latest church film Meet the Mormons. It's a documentary that's  put together to help people get to know who we are as a church, what our beliefs are, and how we are just ordinary people living our lives in the world. What unites us around the globe as a church is our shared belief in Jesus Christ as our Savior and the son of our Heavenly Father.

The film started by asking people in the middle of Time Square who we are. It then went on to share stories of six different people from around the world who are members of the church and how the gospel has helped them in their lives. We meet a bishop in Atlanta, GA. The Navy football coach in Annapolis, MD. A fighter/mother in Costa Rica. A humanitarian in Nepal. A 92 year old candy bomber vet who helped bring joy to those in Berlin. And lastly, a mother preparing to send her son on a mission. I was very inspired by the stories that were shared and the love that each story shared for the gospel in their lives. What I really liked about many of the stories was how almost everyone one of them was  aware of their surroundings and they found ways to help their communities, wards, and families fill the needs in their lives. They didn't do things because hey were asked to, but because they felt inspired to give and serve.

I was very touched by these stories and felt inspired to also seek ways to do good around me. As I think about it though, I realize that I am trying to do good. I have found a love for visiting teaching and teaching out to those who are in need of a friend. I love serving in the temple each week. I love preparing lessons for my temple prep class even if it's just for one person. I look for opportunities to serve and reach out to include people in my circle of friends who otherwise may not be asked. When I am out and about and  see things that remind me of people I pick it up for them to let them know I was thinking about them. So while the things I do are not huge or worth a great deal of attention ( and I'm not writing this for or seeking attention) I can take comfort in knowing that I  trying to make a difference wherever I go.

I am proud to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and  the peace and joy it brings to my life. If you have an opportunity to see this documentary, you should. You will feel inspire  by the stories and get to know the members of the church a little bit more. We are good people just trying ot following the teachings of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives.

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