Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jesus Once Was A Little Child

 The Washington DC Temple Visitors Center has a fantastic special exhibit that portrays the younger years of Jesus Christ. The Exhibit is called "Jesus Once Was a Little Child". The images capture the early years of Christs life as they are recorded in the scriptures. I was truly moved by the pictures. I I think it's really important to remember that everyone starts life the same way. We start by learning to crawl, walk, run, talk. We have parents who are there to help train us. They teach us how to work, love, worship. We owe a lot to our parents. They give up so much of their life to help us have our own. I owe a lot to my parents who have been there for me in every aspect of my life. They have helped me grow to be the woman I am today. Parents are the one who help us the most in life. I know that Mary and Joseph were divinely called to raise Christ just as much my parents were designated to help raise me.

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