Friday, July 19, 2013

Ireland Day 7

Made it back to Dublin for out last day in Ireland. It's so sad to think that this trip is fast approaching the end. But, there were a few more sites to see. I was really wanting to see the Post Office where many people took refuge during the Easter Rebellion that led to Irelands freedom from English rule.
A visit of Trinity College is a must. Such a beautiful and historic campus. 
The Book of Kells should be considered a wonder of the world. I can't believe the time and artistry it took these dedicated monks to write and decorate the pages of such old books. The library was fascinating. I really hope that with all of our technology today we don't ever stop making books. 

Dublin Castle. The European Union is meeting inside right now. 
It is worth the flight to Dublin to visit the Queen of Tarts and try some of their delicious tarts and deserts. Yum!

If your a Mormon, this kind of seems like an oxymoron but it's really a fun bar. Later that night we came back to the bar for some amazing Irish Music. 
I loved how they have all of these old Sweet Shops all over the country. They are so stinking cute!
It would have cost you 1 penny to cross this bridge, famously known as the penny bridge. 

St. Stephen's Park was in full bloom of tulips everywhere. I love springtime flowers. 
I was super excited to see St. Patrick's Cathedral. It was absolutely breathtaking inside. We stayed for Evensong and the boys choir did an absolutely amazing job. 
Guitarist Dave Browne broke the Guinness World Record for longest musician playing guitar 114 HOURS Live. He really knows how to play. It was a great way to end a trip to Ireland. Singing Irish music in an Irish pub. They also played many songs from the states. I will never forget Sweet Home Alabama and Cotton Eye Joe with an Irish accent ever again. 

It was a wonderful trip and I'm so happy to have been able to come to Ireland and enjoy spending time with Diana Smith. I had so many amazing adventures on the Emerald Island. 

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