Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Bloodiest Day of the Civil War Remembered

Another battle remembered. 150 years ago the battle of Antietam was fought which has been marked as the bloodiest day of the civil war. More men were wounded/died in this single day battle than in any other battle. It was crucial for the north to win this fight as it became a turnign point politically for Lincoln. President Lincoln needed a Union victory to be able to issue the Emancipation Proclamation. The price was heavy for both armies but the Union was able to win this battle.

My roommate AnnaLisa and friend Anne came with me to watch this historic event be reenacted. It was a beautiful day out. The temperature was equal to how it was during the battle 150 years ago. We were able to walk around the living history camp where there were musicians playing, Doctors showing us what field hospitals were like (please don't take me to a field hospital if I'm injured), naval displays, Generals tents, I even saw Lincoln talking to the Sanitary Commission.

We spent some time shopping in the Suttlery which is a tent that carries goods. They were selling clothing, jewelry, guns, dolls, quilts, dishes, anything that you would have found during the Civil War days or related to the civil war. We bought ourselves snoods to help pull our hair up in Civil War fashion.

Time for the battle to begin. We watched the Union and Confederate armies come together to reenact the fighting that occured at the Sunken Road. After the battle this has been known as the fighting at bloody lane. The Confederates held their stand in Sunken road but after 4 advances from the Union Army the Confederates had to retreat leaving behind piles of men. The did not seem so sunken after the battle as the pile of bodies filled the sunken road to become almost level.

Watching the battle be reenacted, I could envision the bravery of the men who fought here and was moved to almost tears. I have not been asked to stand up and fight like these men were but I fully appreciate the sacrifice they gave. I am very proud of my Civil War heritage and the blessing it is to live in America where all mens freedoms have been fought for so bravely. Thank you to all you brave soldiers both past and present.

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