Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Shillig

So admittedly I am a little envious that my younger sister was able to get married before me. But, I am very excited for her as she embarks on this new adventure in her life. I flew home a few days before the wedding to help decorate the cultural hall for the reception. Kayla is such a fun loving girl that she needed a reception that would reflect her personality. So we brought in lots of colors and flowers. Kayla chose gerber daisies as her flowers which come in many different colors. we brought out all of the flower colors into the decorating of the room. We hung these huge paper flowers from the ceiling. Each table had a different color clothe with a green flower platter and a vase full of colored flowers. It was a lot of work decorating. I glued spent a fair amount of time gluing flowers to branches for added color in the room.

It was an wonderful treat to be with my sister in the St. Louis temple as she went through to take out her endowments. I also went through the St. Louis temple when I took out my endowments so I had a lot of deja vu moments being there with her. The temple is an amazing place and being able to go to the temple helps me to stay true to the gospel.

For a bachelorette party we didn't have much time to go out and be wild (after all she's only 20 so not much could be done). We opted to go to the grooms home where is step mom, sister and few of her friends joined us for mani/pedi's and Shirley Temples. Cheers! The girls all had fun and Kayla was able to get relax a little and let us pamper her.

 The day of the wedding was HOT! We were able to make it to temple on time and the sealing was lovely. I thought it was quite funny that as Sam and Kayla were sitting on the bench they had there hands to themselves and were sitting somewhat far apart from each other. I motioned to them to hold hands. At first Sam shook is head no but eventually they both dropped their hands next to each other on the seat. Oh young love. I hope they know what they're doing. 
We had a ton of fun outside after the ceremony taking pictures even with the 100 degree weather. We tried to keep the bride and groom hydrated as well. They do make a cute couple and truth be told I knew when Sam's family first moved into our ward so many years ago that he was going to be my brother in law. I pray that they are happy together and treat each other well.

I love my sister but it's really weird seeing calling her Kayla Shilig. I guess I will get have to get used to it.

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