Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Weekend Day 2

Today was an intense day of walking around the city. I think I should get a medal for ultimate tour guide. It was over 90 degrees outside and we went everywhere. But I mean of course I had to make sure that Aunt Carolyn saw the highlights of the city. While DC may not be very big there really is a lot to see.

We started with the memorials that are fondly called the Big Three. The Big Three consist of Lincoln, Korea and Vietnam. We made sure to take the time to find a family cousin on the wall of Vietname. Thank you Stephen Johnson for your sacrifice in serving our country.

We then made our way up to World War II making a stop at a hidden memorial to the founding fathers called Constitution Park. On our way to Ford's Theatre we stopped to say hello to the First Family at the White House. I have never done a tour of Ford's Theatre before, I've only gone to see shows. They do a very good job of explaining the history and tragedy of Lincoln's last moments. The new education center across the street is really good too.

Heading over to see some national treasures we explored the American History Museum. I love walking through the Price of Freedom exhibit. Seemed like a perfect thing to do Memorial Weekend.

Making our way back to the car we took a stroll around the Tidal Basin stopping at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Another less visited memorial we visited was George Mason. Finally after exploring through Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial we found the car (which we almost thought had been towed away). It was a very long, hot, exhausting day exploring the city and I'm so glad we did. I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world living in city with so many treasures to explore. I love being able to go again and again and sharing in peoples first experience visiting our nations capitol.

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