Monday, December 12, 2011

Yea, Lord We Greet Thee

Sunday morning my roommates and I ventured out in to the brisk chill of a beautiful Sabbath morning to take a lovely stroll through Arlington Cemetery. They had laid wreaths on the tombs of the many fallen soldiers from the recent Iraq, Afganistan wars and we wanted to incorporate this tradition into our holiday festivities. It is very humbling to walk through Arlington Cemetery and reflect on the many lives that have been lost in defense of our country and the freedoms we are priviledged to enjoy.

How fitting it is that there should be evergreen wreaths with red bows laid on the tombs of our American heros. The wreath, is a sign of eternal love with the needles pointing heavenward. The red bow reminds of the Savior's sacrifice for us and the how we are all tied together in bonds of unity and goodwill. It is fitting to remember not only our Savior and his birth at this time of year so he could later die to save us but to also remember others who have given their lives for mankind and the eternal connection of gratitude we have to them.

As we were walking through the cemetery the song "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" kept going through my mind. I was thinking about how when we die we will be gathering to Christ in joyous, triumphant praise to him. As I looked upon the rolling hills of so many graves of the brave men and women who have died, I was filled with hope and love that they have gathered to the arms of our Savior as they came to behold Him who was born this time of year as our King. I was only slightly jealous that they were able to behold him while I must still continue on with my life having a faith and belief in Him and one day will be able to see Him again where I know I will be singing joyous praises.

We stopped by to watch the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The discipline those men have in guarding that tomb is unbelievable. I was thinking about how precise and purposeful every move they make is. The exchange of duty started to remind me of the priesthood holders in our ward who every week pass the sacrament in an orderly way. The prayers are said with perfection every week. The trays of bread and water and passed with a planned purpose in mind of which rows each elder is responsible for. Just as the soldiers feel it is their duty to watch over their fallen comrades, it is our duty to watch over each other through home and visiting teaching.

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